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The improvement of vision in difficult cases is possible thanks to neuroadaptation

The improvement of vision in difficult cases is possible thanks to neuroadaptation photo

Poor eyesight, if it is caused by refractive disorders such as myopia, can be easily restored with glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction.

But there are a number of complicated cases in which vision is lost without the possibility to restore it, for example in diseases such as

  • Amblyopia in adults
  • Pigmentary degeneration of the retina
  • Stargardt disease

High-quality vision is impossible in the presence of a condition such as nystagmus.

But the human vision mechanism is not just the eye; it is also the processing of information by the brain. Our brain is able to analyze what the eye conveys to it and improve this picture for a better perception by the human mind, like a professional photographer who processes photos in Photoshop.

Another important feature of our brain is neuroplasticity. This feature is associated with the ability of the nervous system to adapt to changing conditions and acquire new skills. The acquired skills are persisted for many years.

Using deep scientific knowledge about neuroplasticity and the ways of image formation in the human brain, the Israeli company Talshir Medical Systems has invented the Revital Vision technology.

Revital Vision can help

  • Adults and children with amblyopia
  • Improve vision after cataract surgery
  • Improve poor vision conditions
  • Refuse reading glasses for patients with presbyopia
  • Improve distance vision without glasses in patients with myopia less than 1.5D
  • Improve vision after refractive surgery


You can learn more about how this technology works, which doctor to consult and how to buy a license on the pages of our website.

To find out more, you can contact us via the messenger link.

Revital Vision treatment is certified in Ukraine.

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