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The MyVisionCare.org project is a dedicated educational resource about eyes, vision care, and modern methods of treating eye diseases.

The resource is made by professionals in ophthalmology and contains only reliable and verified information about eye diseases and treatment.

Articles and publications are written and checked by professionals in ophthalmology, so all information on the resource is reliable.

The resource contains information only for informational purposes, which cannot be used for self-treatment and treatment without medical supervision. In all cases, when you experience health problems, seek qualified medical help.

You can find information about where exactly to apply in your region on particular sections of our website.

For information cooperation and advertising, please contact: Alexey Sologub, editor-in-chief: c.editor@myvisioncare.org

For technical problems with the site and cooperation in promotion, please contact: Alexander Lyakhovets, Director of Technical Development: c.development@myvisioncare.org

Submission of your submissions for review and publication: med.review@myvisioncare.org. Language of appeal and submission of materials: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

We are confident that our resource will help everyone gain the maximum quality of vision and professionals in the field of ophthalmology to bring their knowledge and best practices to a wide range of patients worldwide.

Yours faithfully,

Alexey Sologub,

Editor-in-chief of the resource myvisioncare.org