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Facts you might have missed about vision laser correction

Facts you might have missed about vision laser correction photo

Seeking a solution for blurry, hazy, and distorted vision, most individuals will opt for eyeglasses that can efficiently fix their eyesight issues and relieve eye strain and fatigue that can be caused by a range of factors, including working in front of the computer or reading. However, for efficient correction of refractive errors, modern medicine offers an impressive medical solution. Thus, such a procedure as eye vision correction laser surgery can fix eyesight imperfections and defects and repair your vision. Let's take a quick overview of the most recognized eye surgery.

Is vision laser correction a painful and dangerous procedure?

The procedure exists for cornea reshaping to eliminate the patient's need to wear lenses or eyeglasses. Such manipulation is necessary to focus the light rays on the retina again, as well as bring close and distant objects into focus. The procedure is painless, as local anesthesia (topical anesthetic drops) will be applied to prevent pain during the surgery. As for sensations after the procedure, a feeling of dryness and foreign body sensation can be experienced by a patient for the first 24 hours. As a rule, the discomfort completely goes away within the first day. The newest LASIK method makes it possible to make the recovery period after vision laser correction as comfortable and short as possible. If you are worried about whether you can go blind from the procedure, then remember that such an outcome as total blindness is just a myth. Here are key reasons why the episode of vision loss is impossible:

  • running complete and thorough diagnostics on a variety of high-tech devices is imperative, so if during examination there weren't detected contraindications to vision correction and you are recognized as an eligible candidate for the procedure, the impaired eyesight will be restored with no side effects;
  • it is of paramount importance to follow all the recommendations of the experts to avoid any complications and regain eye health;
  • there has not been recorded a single case of complete loss of vision after surgery.

In the presence of the slightest risks during laser treatment for vision, the patient will be offered some other ways of fixing the eye issues.

Overlooked benefits of laser eye surgery

Enhanced comfortability and restoration of life quality. It is a natural desire of any person to clearly see the objects of the surrounding world, to fully enjoy its beauty, aesthetics, and diversity. Glasses and contact lenses help to compensate for poor vision but they have a myriad of disadvantages. For example, they are not always convenient to use. It is easy to  damage or lose them. And both tools require a careful caring routine. Vision laser correction can solve the problem once and for all.

Fixing an array of vision problems. Surgery to improve vision using a laser is performed to correct the following refractive errors:

  • presbyopia: age-related deterioration of near vision;
  • myopia: a condition when objects at distance are hazy and foggy;
  • astigmatism: a visual disorder characterized by blurred near and far eyesight;
  • hyperopia, also known as farsightedness: a change in vision, which is characterized by rays focusing behind the retina.

Quick recovery. In addition to such concerns as risks and side effects, as well as how the correction is performed, the duration of the recovery period is of no small importance for most patients. The rehabilitation period is individual for each person and can last from one to five days. On the first day after the cornea reshaping, slight painful sensations, mild sensitivity to light, and the abnormal secretion of tears were observed in a small number of individuals. Basically, discomfort in the eye area in the postoperative period disappears within just a few hours. Antibiotics and drugs are prescribed to normalize intraocular pressure and prevent the occurrence of infection in the postoperative period.

A high success rate for vision laser correction. The surgery is well-recognized around the globe due to its permanence, as the result lasts up to 20 years and beyond. Moreover, it is a proven way to completely and capably restore vision in the shortest possible time. Modern techniques are the guarantee of surgery performing with high precision and minimal damage to the eyes. 

The final thoughts 

Fast healing, the superior quality of laser equipment, low risks of complications, efficient and long-term results make this type of eye surgery worth considering. So grab your chance to regain your excellent performance levels and bring back a good quality of life.

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